An uneventful day.

Today was an uneventful day. I woke up, rose from my bed and stretched. I rushed around the house, searching for makeup to spread across my face. I fumbled over my clothes; trousers, socks, and finally, slipping on my shoes, I ran out of my house. Perhaps a little too fast, I drove down the … Continue reading An uneventful day.


Side Effects and DrugStars

In a world where I struggle to verbalise my thoughts, I have found solace in writing the words, that so often got caught in my mouth, on this blog. But there is a topic I have always been uncomfortable discussing, a topic I actively ignored for fear that no one else would quite understand. Some … Continue reading Side Effects and DrugStars

‘Are you okay?’ Does chronic illness affect my mental health?

After my blog (I am going insane - the frustrations of recovery), I had someone ask me if I was ‘okay’. Of course, we all know what that means. Are you okay ‘mentally’ is what they are asking; (the word 'mentally' said in hushed tones and through gritted teeth, for fear of the neighbours overhearing). … Continue reading ‘Are you okay?’ Does chronic illness affect my mental health?